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Mgr. Martina Wolfová, MBA


About me

I started my career in business and have held various roles including executive positions.


My curiosity and love of learning has taken me to different places, industries and professions... all these experiences are linked by working with people, something I really enjoy.

I started my own company called Business & Psychology when I was 40.

I have coached for the Center for Creative Leadership®, worked as an interim and as a consultant in various companies. Thanks to this I have learnt a lot and collected colourful experiences.

My experience in social and humanitarian work, including counselling, therapy, crisis intervention, missions in Africa with MSF and other, has led me to a more holistic approach in the services I offer. 

I am currently cooperating with Developing Talent ( and the National Institute of Mental Health (

I am a certified coach, crisis intervention counsellor, therapist and supervisor. 

I work in Czech and English.

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Cílové publikum

My knowledge and passion lie in topics such as relationship management, leadership, adaptability to change, communication, wellbeing.

I work as a consultant or mentor, also as a trainer, designing and delivering training or webinars for companies on their specific topic. 

For a closer look at my professional journey and the impact I've made, please visit my LinkedIn profile:


Online schůzka

I offer business coaching with deep insight into business dynamics and leadership needs.  

Clients share: 
“...she combines her extensive experience in corporate business, strategic coaching techniques, and therapeutic expertise to provide a truly unique and personalised approach”. 

“…she has talent for visually representing my thoughts through captivating mind maps and impactful verbal analogies and metaphors”.

“…authenticity is the first word that comes to my mind. Martina's approach is refreshingly unbiased and she never resorts to copying others, or playing „as per book." 

“… she guides you to put things in context with life balance, trends around you, etc.”



My clients are adults and students. We deal with areas such as relationship dynamics, life transitions and crises, personal growth, family support and general well-being. 

I am available for crisis intervention for my clients and employees of companies I work with.

Clients share: 
"...Martina helped me to see the situation from a completely different angle and helped me to reconsider my goals. I would describe my feelings as awakening and then great relief”.

“…during our sessions, we explored and found hidden strengths and energy in me that I wasn't aware of before. These new inner resources helped me to refresh myself and also to support my family". 


Martina Wolfová

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