Martina Wolfová


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Mgr. Martina Wolfová, MBA

I like people, working with them, support them and learn from them.

My strengths are love for learning, leadership and creativity.  I provide services to companies, institutions as well as to the individual clients. My services: business consulting, coaching and counselling.

Sometimes I work as interim manager in different environments, different positions because I enjoy leading and developing people, create something new and learn. My last mission was Learning & Development Manager for MSF in South Sudan in 2020. 

I started my private business after 20 years of business experience in different companies.

I worked on a leading position in PricewaterhouseCoopers, Vodafone, PepsiCo Restaurant Int., British American Tobacco, Hilton Prague...

In the area of the international coaching I cooperate with Center for Creative Leadership®, Nomadic Int.Business Psychology and Developing Talent.

After studying sociology at Palacky University in the Czech Republic, I studied MBA on Hallam Sheffield University, UK. After that I studied at Prague College of Psychosocial studies – Social work with orientation on communication and applied psychotherapy. 

I offer all the services in Czech and English and Russian.

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I am helping with the organisational development: improvement - simplification of the company leadership, communication, people management, innovation, transformation or crisis management. 


My clients are usually the managing directors or business owners who approach me with a request. It could be a problem, an opportunity or they just want to have a look on their company from a different angle.


We work on solutions together or the whole management team is included. 

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Wellbeing, life changes and crisis, personal development, relations and other. These are the themes and areas we work on with my clients.

My approach is mainly “solution based” but I use also other approaches according to the client’s need. The objective of our work is to sort the thoughts, see possibilities and resources, find the direction again. 

I completed the five-year course in psychodynamic psychotherapy, training in crisis intervention, training in systemic approach. I continue to be educated in other therapeutic approaches and methods.

I offer the executive coaching as well as coaching for young talents who just started their professional career. I also offer the ad-hoc coaching as a support during organisational changes. 

Since 2007 I cooperate with the Center for Creative Leadership  ( as an associate coach. 


I am certified for various assessment and diagnostics tools and like using the 360 degree feedback, I can see it as very effective tool mainly for the executive coaching.


Martina Wolfová