• I provide coaching in Czech and in English.
  • For clients living abroad I provide Skype or Webex session.
  • Since 2007 I cooperate with the Center for Creative Leadership as an associate coach for the European region.
  • I am certified for various assessment and diagnostics tools such as WorkPlace Big Five Profile, Firo B, Golden Personality Profile (MBTI), Change style Indicator, Hogan and other.
  • Where required I apply the 360 degree feedback.

My story with coaching:

“I first came across coaching when I was 30 years old and was working for PepsiCo. I used to enjoy leading and I was quite good at it, however it used to cost me a lot of energy, personal time and occasional suffering. I needed to share it with someone but also I wanted to keep developing. With my coach I could talk about everything I was dealing with, clarify my thoughts, find new solutions and see things from a different perspective. It was a great experience which I repeated many more times throughout my professional career.”

Today I am a coach myself and I wish that my clients could also say that the coaching was a great experience for them.

Interesting books

Switch (Proměna)

Chip Heath and Dan Heath

To sell is human (Prodávat je lidské)

Daniel H.Pink

Zen to done (Zen a hotovo)

Leo Babauta

Outliers (Mimo řadu)

Malcolm Gladwell

Presentation secret of Steve Jobs

Carmine Gallo

Your brain at work(Jak pracuje Váš mozek)

David Rock

A whole new mind (Nová mysl)

Daniel H.Pink

Never eat alone (Nikdy nejez sám)

Keith Ferrazzi

The art of being kind (Umění být hodný)

Stefan Einhorn
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